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Saturday, 28 May 2011

SBG & Dubzza - All A Lie

You may already know this tune if you follow our youtube for it was uploaded quite some time ago, at the time I did not have a blog to keep you updated and relied on youtube subsrciptions. Now that I have a blog for Insidia Dubstep, I would like to talk about this song 'All A Lie' by SBG and Dubzza (me!). This is a tune where we really tried to switch the styles up going from a very soft almost trance/ house style intro into a heavy dubstep bassline. I really hope you enjoy this track, oh did I mention ... it's FREE! Grab it here by clicking the down arrow now!

SBG & Dubzza - All A Lie [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Dubzza

Friday, 27 May 2011

Amphix - Dream

Amphix, who was I recently interviewed for Insidia Dubstep, is giving away 'Dream' for free. Dream is a very different style to amphix's usual dubstep productions, whereas he normally goes for the heavy style he has chose to make a chilled out and ambient dubstep tune. The best part of it all is that it is FREE! Soundcloud limits downloads at 100, so be quick!

Amphix - Dream (Free Download) by Amphix

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sarin - OMG

Hi, today we have a new upload on the Insidia Dubstep youtube channel, it is a track called 'OMG' by the very talented Sarin. It has a very unique and dark style to the song and i really enjoyed it and hope you do to!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Amphix - an interview with Insidia Dubstep

Today I caught up with Amphix, a 17 year old producer from England. He has been kind enough to speak with us about his production, here is the chat i had with him:

1.So, first of all I'd like to welcome you to Insidia Dubstep's blog, now your obviously well known by the Insida subcribers from many of your tunes being uploaded and having the first tune to ever feature on Insidia with your track 'Biohazard' which was release on Stupid Fly Records in February. Can you tell us a bit more about you musical background?

   Amphix: Thanks for wanting to interview me! I like to think that I'm a big fan of a whole range of musical genre's and that they've all had a different influence on me production wise. Initially i'd never even planned to produce dubstep, as to me it's still a relatively new genre. Before the electronic genre's I'd gone through all sorts of music stages, rap, r&B,grime, rock, metal, but it was dubstep and drum n bass that truly inspired to me create my own music as it were. I still love to listen to other genres, I feel it's good to keep an open mind about things like music, sticking to one thing seems to limit my creativity. In terms of music, I'm not an extremely musical person, however, I'm quite a keen guitar player, which one day, I'd love to bring into my music.

2. What software set up do you currently have running for music production?

Amphix:The DAW that I use to produce is FL Studio 9. I've always had it and plan to stick with it, a lot of people badmouth it but it really is a great tool for producing music. In terms of individual plug-ins I try to limit myself to just a few, using to many just gets way too hectic. The main and my favourite synth I use, is Native Instruments Massive. Not only do I use it to create my basslines but also for things like pads, drones and synth stabs. I also use z3ta a lot, it's great for pads, and albino3 occasionally for pads. Apart from this the majority of FL's in-built plugins are great, especially PoiZone, 3xOsc, Sytrus and Slayer.

3.  When sitting down to create a new track where do you go to find inspiration or do you just head straight into FL Studio and get producing?

Amphix:   I tend to only got into FL Studio to create a new track if I am already inspired, otherwise it's quite frustrating when nothing comes out of a session. The best way to get inspiration for a track is not to force it, just let it come to you, otherwise it won't work. When I'm not producing I'm almost always listening to music, whether it's hunting for new music or just having iTunes on shuffle, and never sticking to one genre either. I find it's a great way to always keep music on your mind. If I'm really stuck for inspiration then I'll listen to some of my favourite artists for a while, pick up some ideas, but also trying to make sure what I produce doesn't sound too similar to what I've been listening to.

4. Dubstep is a genre that is constantly changing in various directions, where do you see dubstep going in the next half of 2011?

 Amphix: That's a good question. In all honesty I can't say. Dubstep has changed so much in such a short amount of time, and there are so many different artists producing their own version of what they call 'Dubstep'. While a lot of people are against the movement, I'd like the genre to continue to evolve, and see where it goes. As long as there are still people producing real classic dubstep, it won't die out, so there's nothing to fear, but I'd like to see the opportunities that the evolving genre brings, as long as all this 'screechy' bass stops, it has to...

5. So, what do you see in the future for Amphix this year?

Amphix:  I'm going a lot more experimental with my material, sticking to the dubstep genre, but producing more varied types, for example my track Dream was nothing like I'd produced before. You can expect a lot more of those kind of tracks from me. I'd also like to get a few more releases down, I have an EP forthcoming on Dub Cartel dropping soon which should be pretty large. My main aim for this year though would be to get a live show. I'm currently job hunting so that I can start saving for a pair of CDJ's and other equipment. I'd love to have that stuff by the end of the year so I can start playing some gigs, that would be amazing. Whether it happens, you'll have to keep tuned in!

    Okay thanks for taking the time to speak to us today, we here at Insidia Dubstep wish you all the best and good luck with the forthcoming EP!

Take a listen to Amphix here:
Amphix - Charge EP (Forthcoming Dub Cartel) by Amphix

Monday, 23 May 2011

Diverse and Exlpoud - Filthario

So guys i've just uploaded this new collab between diverse and exploud which is titled 'filthario' and with good reason! This has a very nice 8 bit classic style intor then we are hit by a heavy bassline and a sub that punches you in the gut!
Leave a comment of what you think :)

So if you haven't checked my youtube channel out i advise to do it now!

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